poor oreo!

Oreo has bumblefoot! Poor little guy has been bleeding off and on for several days; I'd schedule a vet appointment a couple days in advance and put Neosporin on his feet daily. By the time the appointment rolled around, his foot appeared to heal, so I cancelled it. It opened up again Saturday morning (of course—so I couldn’t get him medical attention for 2 days); their cage looks like a crime scene there are so many bloody pawprints :( I need to sanitize and sand down everything in the cage.

The vet was surprised b/c most bumblefoot cases are usually overweight, have a poor diet and living conditions, etc. but otherwise he’s in perfect health. She wants him on soft bedding (Carefresh) for 6 weeks to allow his foot to heal; their current cage has a grating at the bottom. Sadly, Chewie’s old cage is perfect for this… it’s a little bittersweet since she just died. I have to keep both chins together, since Duster has short-term memory issues and attacks Oreo if they’re separated for a day.

I moved them last night, and they’ve been trying to escape ever since! Every time I walk by their faces are smushed against the bars. Duster sits on top of their wooden box and squeezes between its roof and the top of the cage… I suppose that’s the highest he can get!



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