the altruism of comcast

Comcast has a monopoly of sorts in our area (Verizon FiOS is slowly moving in), allowing them to price gouge like nobody's business. I scrutinize my cable bill almost as much as my credit card bill, they are that bad with the fee increases. Not to mention that we have lost cable several times when other tenants move out of the building and the Comcast contractors switch off the wrong apartment (ours, twice).

Anyhoo, the NFL is suing Comcast b/c the cable behemoth is moving the NFL Network from its digital package to a "sports tier." The NFL believes they'll get less revenue if Comcast moves it to a tier with a smaller subscriber base (they earn their cut per subscriber). Comcast is using an altruistic defense, stating that:

"We bargained explicitly for the right to place the NFL Network on a sports tier because it is the best and fairest solution for all our customers," David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast Corp., said in a statement Thursday. "This decision means that our customers who are NFL fans will be able to watch the NFL Network without burdening those who are not NFL fans with extra costs."

Ha. I highly doubt my cost for the digital packge will decrease after losing one channel.

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