the professional victim

My sister came home for thanksgiving break with one of those moneymaking schemes that only college could spawn: she plans to join every class-action lawsuit that she possibly can ["Hello?! Second-hand smoke??!"] as a way to earn some dough on the side. I now refer to her as The Professional Victim.

As a side note, my sister and I really do get along... I just loooooove to tweak the hell out of her b/c it's so damn funny. Case in point: she got a laptop as a graduation present. It's her first computer that she doesn't have to share, so she's a wee bit possessive of it. So b/c she made this BIG DEAL about it, I went and changed her screensaver to The Blue Screen of Death with "Kathleen is a big dork" scrolling in huge pixellated letters across the screen. Juvenile? Of course. But the reaction is the best part--"What are you, 5?! What the hell did you do to my screensaver?!?!?" Gets her every time...

But the other 23 hours of the day, we get along great ;)

oooohh! I'm trendy!!

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