leaving my mark on Naptown

I'm pretty psyched about one of my latest projects at work. The company president landed the bid for a building in downtown Annapolis, and I got to design the signage for it. It wasn't always vacant: back when I was in high school, it was an open-air, indoor market down by the City Dock where I used to hang out after school. The city wanted to make it more high-end, so they closed it down for renovations. Now it looks like the high-end vendors fell through, so they may end up going back to what it used to be!

I ended up putting more pressure on myself than I should of, but it's pretty fascinating to be able to leave your mark, so to speak, on something that was a part of your past.

The sign is carved HDU (high density urethane? bascially very dense particleboard); the text is gold leaf. Because it's in the historic district, it has to look old fashioned, and must have spotlight illumination.