Mercenary for hire (or, how to be an 8-man)

We had our first game over the weekend--we whupped Frederick 68-0. Pretty crazy considering most of us have only played together for 3 weeks!

Of course, I didn't score, but that was the least of my concerns--I was the 8-man (so named b/c of the number 8 jersey you wear at that position). It's a far different position than what I was used to playing--as a center/wing, you tend to stay away from the rucks and mauls (the piles o' players, in layman's terms)... not only did I learn how to scrum on the fly, but I was told I had to be the first person to break from the scrum, first to ruck, first to tackle. And let me tell you, I have a whole new level of respect for forwards! I really had to pace myself b/c I was running all over the damn place.

The best part was at halftime--the coach goes "where's deb?" and when he found me, started flipping out about what an awesome job I was doing, and how I totally surprised him b/c he thought I'd be timid out there. It's crazy--I thought I was half-assing it b/c I got so tired, but I guess I was in the minority!


Rugby speak

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I discuss rugby (which is most of you!), here's a pretty helpful site. Another one can be found here.



rugby, part deux

I'm putting the "rugger" back into ruggerwithpigs... I started rugby practice yesterday!

I need something to challenge myself; my life is so decidely uneventful it's sad (hence the lack of posts here). I've run into people I haven't seen in a few years, and the most I can say is that I've (sort of) switched professions and I got married. I'm a bit of a homebody, but sometimes that can go too far. Some of the best times of my life revolved around rugby--granted, the atmosphere (college) and the people were a major factor in that too, but there's something about the adrenaline rush I get from rugby that is just addicting.

So wish me luck--I figure to be very sore and bruised the next few weeks. If I get any unique bruises, I'll be sure to post 'em for all to see (tastefully!)



That's Google with an "i"


iGoogle is has become quite the helpful little hub for me. If you have a Gmail account and a penchant for sites with RSS feeds, then you too could have your favorite bookmarks centrally located on one convenient page. When you go to add content to your page, you can either select from the list of feeds/extras in Google's list or add your own (provided you have the RSS link from the site you desire).



new blog worth noting

LifeClever is a blog I stumbled across a few weeks ago, and I've been hooked on it ever since. It's largely focused on graphic design, but many of their insightful tips on the workplace can be applied to your average Joe Cubicle.