attack of the killah chinchillas

duster and oreo have been having some roommate scuffles as of late, so we decided to buy a second hideaway for them. at least this way if someone gets booted out of the igloo, they'll have someplace else to hide. they promptly hid from it until they discovered it was edible...

oreo checks out the intrusion, as duster remains oblivious.

oreo showing off his balancing act, while duster continues to ignore the camera.

duster makes a run for it!

by this point duster is looking a bit dazed from the flash going off...



you came in THAT thing?! you're braver than i thought!

this year's comic-con in philadelphia had its share of costumed star wars fans...

a stormtrooper modeling this season's PVC fashion.

kenny baker [R2-D2] enjoys a banana.


everyone was getting along fabulously until Boba Fett showed up.

princess leia, jedi babysitter

seriously people, those TIE fighters are cramped enough to begin with...

"THIS is CNN."