injuries galore


I took the opportunity to sketch out a rugger for a book documenting my team's first year in existence. My idea was based on the Operation! board game, which identifies various injured body parts. ("Minute, sir" is what you say to the ref when you need a timeout for injuries, shoelaces, etc.) I asked my teammates to send me a list of their rugby-related ailments; some people were very technical in describing their injuries, others were more candid.

Fortunately for me, there are several shutterbugs on the team, providing me with plenty of angles of body parts and uniforms. I hand-sketched everything, inked it in, scanned it and added color in Photoshop. The face doesn’t belong to anyone in particular; it’s actually modified from a young man’s facial expression on a stock-photo site.

This project consumed a total of 10 hours, 2 beers, 1 margarita and 1 Trader Joe’s Swiss milk chocolate bar.