sith happens

an unorthodox review of "REVENGE OF THE SITH"...

- if you hated episodes I and II, see this movie.

- if you loved the "original" trilogy, see this movie.

- if you want to see obi-wan kick some galaxy-wide ass, SEE THIS MOVIE.

the highlights:
- R2-D2's return to prominence in the story
- lots and lots of lightsaber fights
- ewan mcgregor's excellent transition from uptight episode II obi-wan to a more playful character... great segue to alec guiness's version of old ben kenobi
- anakin's emotional path to the dark side... christensen has a far better performance once he switches teams, so to speak
- the emperor's calculated manipulation of anakin--as well as his crazy-old-man schtick one his true identity is revealed

- darth vader's first moments in The Suit
- return of the wookiees!

the low points:
- how pregnancy suddenly turns padme into a helpless damsel in distress
- the "romantic" dialogue between anakin and padme
- how leia could possibly remember her mother and luke couldn't just doesn't fly anymore after seeing episode III
- some plot points suffered due to editing/cut scenes to get the movie under 3 hours... like how the jedi ghosts are NEVER FRICKIN' EXPLAINED
- "NOOOOOOOOOO"... vader's pathetically laughable cry of "anger"

the final scene [which, btw, i totally called a year ago] was so emotional, a fitting homage to the original movies. right then and there, you know the saga is complete.

did lucas redeem himself with episode III? i'd say yes.


got my sith tickets!!!!!!!!!!

we got tickets to the 12 midnight showing and 3:30pm on thursday. so from wednesday evening on, the next 24 hours will look like this: leave work, get to mall, sit/stand in line, see ep III, sleep, wake up, sit/stand in line, see ep III...

pathetic? possibly. but this the *last time* i will ever get to do this, and you only go around once, right?

i will make sure to bring my camera to take pictures of the most out-of-control fans... this should get interesting ;)


having a blasty-blast

went to see dane cook perform at UMd last weekend. the man is hilarious. i had heard his CD before, but it adds so much to his performance to see him in person. he cannot sit still--you know how italians talk with their hands? well, this guy talks with his entire body: jumping over chairs, wiggling all over the place... you don't want to take your eyes off him b/c you could miss something.

also impressive was the fact that dane and the other comedians stayed for 2 hours afterward signing autographs for every single person who waited in line to see them. you could tell they looked pretty wiped out, but they were still greeting everyone who approached them and thanking us for attending. my sister had her picture taken with dane cook and gary gulman, so i will post those as soon as she gets them developed. gary is from "last comic standing"--really sweet in person, and probably the first guy who makes my sister look short when she stands next to him!