"I know this looks bad, but I swear I've got his blessing!"

So my husband, in his never-ending quest to enjoy his video game hobby to the fullest while keeping his wife happy, decided to sell back all of his video games and consoles to put credit towards purchasing the Xbox 360. Somehow, I got tasked with bringing everything to EB. So at 7pm on a rainy Saturday, I stumble into EB carrying a laundry basket consisting of at least a dozen games, 5 controllers, 1 GameCube, 1 Xbox, 1 GameBoy SP, and various parts and accessories. To the innocent bystander, it had to look like I was taking revenge after a breakup or something!

The guy behind the counter starts unloading everything, comes across the GameCube, and says "oh, so some of this belongs to your kids."

To which I replied, "actually, I don't have any kids."

Pause. "Oh. Wow."

Happy ending: we now have a $256 credit towards the Xbox 360. And no, I don't even want to think about how much all that stuff cost in the first place! ;)