deb gets her blog back

New year, new blog entry. The fall was a pretty busy time for me: I finally designed my business cards, and was rewarded with a contract to redesign a local photographer's website. I'm really happy with the result--and so is he, which is the most important part, right? It's probably one of the "cleanest" designs I've done in a long time (maybe since college), and definitely a successful example of "less is more."

Rugby went well--our team struggled a bit in our first season in competitive (playoff-eligible) play, but things jelled as the season wore on. I played nearly the entire season at second row (my coach referred to it as an "emergency fill-in," which is code for "undersized for the position"). It's a completely different position, one of bursts of strength as opposed to the bursts of speed I'm used to as a flanker. I also cut my teeth as the jumper in the lineouts, which I love.

In my day job, I've been promoted to project manager/designer. While it's a LOT more work than I was used to, I really enjoy the site visits (field trip from the office!) and scouring the building plans. I'm not designing as much as I used to, but I feel that will return in time, as I learn to prioritize my other new responsibilities--dealing with clients, sign takeoffs/message schedules, developing/revising sketches, following thru on the fabrication and installation process in the shop, etc.

A side effect I didn't expect was that my lack of designing at work has led me to be more creative at home. Not only am I organizing (!) my apartment room by room, but I feel more ambitious regarding freelancing. I'm getting my business cards professionally printed, and I even ordered my very own Pantone books on eBay! I feel like a full-fledged designer now :)