must... write in... blog...

Okay, I've been slackin', but I've got good reason to: I completed two freelancing jobs this past month! Well, I'll complete the second one sometime this week, but then I'll be done! And in net 30 days, I'll be paid--woohoo!!!!

Now I've gotta go to bed, so I can arrive at work super-early to work on the 3 projects I have due tomorrow! *sigh* Too bad I can't slap a rush charge on my day job...



torpedo'd in alexandria

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Old Town Alexandria, VA for the first time. The real reason for my visit was a designers' meetup from the HOW forum, but I decided to arrive a few hours early and check out the art scene. I spent a few hours in the Torpedo Factory, which is (obviously) an old WWII torpedo-making factory that was converted into 3 floors of studio space for artists. There is such an incredible range of talent being honed there, from watercolor (my favorite) to scupture; photography, pottery, metalwork, etc. On Saturdays the factory has "open studios," where visitors can watch the artists in action and view their work.

I wasn't sure how the artists would feel about having pictures taken of their work (and I was too shy to ask!), so I'll just post links to some of my favorites' sites:

coming soon!