stinky weird

We've had a car parked outside our apartment building for at least 3 weeks now that is packed to the gills with food. Yes, perishable food. There is room for one person--the driver--and then the front passenger and back seats are piled to the ceiling of the car with all sorts of food. It's just bizarre.

It's not abandoned, b/c it was moved to another parking space last weekend, and then moved back to the handicapped parking space, of all places. And the thing frickin' reeks: the windows are cracked and my husband gags every time he walks by, which you have to do b/c it's parked at the entrance to the building! It is (well, was) a nice car too: a Chrysler Sebring convertible.

So now I'm trying to pass the time coming up with a good story for why the car has remained in its present condition. Maybe it's an experimental car that runs on garbage??