captain mclintypants

today is a bad clothing day. normally i'm lucky if i create a fashion statement with my wardrobe, but today i had on what i considered a cute yet professional outfit.

alas, it was not to be. my brand new black capris are the biggest lint magnets i've ever owned. i de-linted before i left the house and by the time i got to work it was covered in fuzz from my fleece. de-linted again. by lunchtime, i had more lint from i-don't-know-what, plus the fronts of my pants look *faded*... my only guess is from crossing my legs?!

to top it off, the ladies' room mirror revealed a huge deodorant stain on the bottom half of my blouse that i swear was *not* there when i left for work this morning. i use that invisible solid stuff--which apparently doesn't stay invisible for long...


a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

only 30 days to go before episode III opens... so i'm posting a geek alert--i won't be able to resist posting a ton of stuff about the movie. everything i've seen so far [and i've discovered more than i'd like to know about the movie] looks really promising... read: better acting and a better plot than "phantom menace" and "attack of the clones."

ep III [it's so much quicker to type that than "revenge of the sith"] has big shoes to fill: not only does it have to tie in nicely/believably to the original movies, but it needs to go out with a bang. "clones" was marginally better than "menace," so logic says ep III should raise the bar again. then again, george lucas is not always a man of logic ;)