first game: tough loss, great defense

We lost our first game of the season to NOVA (short for Northern Virginia), 15-0. Being the first game of the season there was some rust to shake off, but our defense was pretty damn good; NOVA fought hard for their 3 tries. As much as I love our brand spankin' new uniforms, they're not bullet-proof... we had a bunch of brutal injuries. I tried to recover a loose ball and earned an elbow to the face and my first-ever black eye. At some point in the second half I ended up at the bottom of a collapsed maul, and all the falling bodies bruised my rib. That wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't come down with a sinus infection and bronchitis the very next day... coughing fits + bruised ribs = exquisite pain.

This was also my first game wearing a scrumcap. Mine is decently ventilated, but your hearing is still affected. It was quite a blustery day, and my cap doubled as a wind tunnel the entire freakin' game...




Wow, it's been a long time since i posted here. Things were pretty uneventful the past few months. I spent the rugby offseason (November - February) building up my endurance and distance running. I'm up to 3.5-mile runs, which is great considering rugby players run 4-6 miles during the course of an 80-minute game. A few of us gals also practiced with the men's team on weekends; those practices were so intense I was no good for the rest of the day!

Our spring season starts out slowly, with a several bye weeks; then we have 5 straight games April - May. We're on track to be playoff-eligible for the fall season, which means less games beating up on college teams, and more picking on women our own size!

Sadly all my hard work hasn't moved the numbers on the scale. It did, however, get me an award--I won Most Improved at our year-end banquet! :)